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CED Tunisia

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Développement - [Claim Co-Pilot] ChatBot for claim handling based on PVA

Situation : Currently, when a customer need to pass a claim about a damage for example, an inquiry (First Notice of Loss (FNOL)) via an email for example need to be sent, then a department employee must manually register it in our system.

Description :

The goal of this project is to provide customer service 24 hours a day by automating the form handling process, initiating offer preparation, and improving customer satisfaction by implementing a customer service chatbot on its site. The chatbot can proactively determine if there is a need for additional details and notify the customer/agent about it. The customer/Agent can then update the required information directly in the system or by informing the Bot. On the other hand, the customer can also request an update by informing the bot. The bots can develop anomaly detection abilities by analyzing a vast amount of data about previous valid and fraudulent claims. These capabilities allow them to know if a medical report, diagnosis, or treatment is genuine or not. Similarly, for vehicle insurance, it can analyze the patterns of damage and repairs and determine whether a claim is probably fraudulent or not. Through predictive analysis, chatbots enable a customer to know when they can expect the process to complete.

Date d’expiration: 08 décembre, 2023

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