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Ariana - Sur place 4-6 Mois

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Smart Energy Monitoring System

Description :

This project involves the development of an integrated IoT-based system that not only monitors renewable energy usage but also facilitates a peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading marketplace. The system will collect real-time data from various renewable sources, provide analytics and insights on energy consumption, and enable users to buy or sell excess energy within a decentralized network.

Missions :

  • Integrate data streams into the monitoring system for real-time analysis.
  • Design and implement a user-friendly dashboard for users to monitor energy consumption and other relevant metrics.
  • Use React or other front-end technologies for interactive and responsive UI.
  • Implement charts, graphs, and other visual elements to represent energy consumption patterns and trends.
  • Ensure the visualizations are intuitive for users to interpret.

Date d’expiration: 11 janvier, 2024

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