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Description du stage:

At Mass Analytics, Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) projects are conducted following a predefined process based on the well known CRISP-DM process.

This six-phase process, starts with setting the foundations of the project by accurately and thoroughly understanding the business requirements discovering the available data. After that comes the crucial data preparation phase where the data is processed and transformed into the required format. This phase is also culminated by a data check milestone to confirm the accuracy of the data with the different stakeholders.

After building the model and validating it, the project outcomes are reported to the client. In this final and important step, the project outcomes are delivered to share insights and actionable recommendations. The model is consequently deployed to help optimize future marketing budgets and improve KPI's.

The Marketing Analytics summer internships will focus on the Data Preparation and Project Delivery steps. Two very important phases in the CRISP-DM process that require essential skills that should be acquired and harnessed by any successful data analyst wishing to work on modelling at a later stage.

Key attributes / Main competencies

  • Engineering or Business School 
  • If Business, preferably Major in Analytics & Minor in Marketing
  • If Engineer, Major in Data Science, Applied Mathematics and Modeling
  • Microsoft Office skills required,
  • Experience with common data science toolkits (R, Python, etc…) is a plus
  • Experience with common data visualization tools (Power BI, etc…) is a plus
  • Fast learner, Enthusiastic and autonomous,
  • Technical & Business oriented
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Tech & data Savvy knowledge
  • Fluent in written and spoken English


  • Understand the MMM process and outputs,
  • Work closely with the Marketing Analytics team,
  • Build a comprehensive presentation about the internship outcomes.

In today's business environment, data is being created and collected at an increasing pace. Consequently, organizations cannot expect manual data preparation processes to scale. Indeed, the success of most Data Analytics projects, including MMM, is highly correlated with the success of the data preparation phase.

At MASS Analytics, the Marketing Analytics team uses various data preparation tools to efficiently and accurately process the data. This data is usually complex with multiple formats and coming from various sources. These tools are designed to accelerate and facilitate the data prep phase through the creation of automated data processing pipelines.


  • Understand the context of MMM projects and their data preparation steps
  • Input data, reproduce processing pipelines & explore
  • Report bugs, if any, and suggest new features and improvements for the used tools
  • Create new data preparation pipelines to improve efficiency and reinforce automation


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