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AI tool for extracting information from resumes of the applicants

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1-2 MoisHybrid

Description du stage:

Write an AI tool that will extract information from incoming job applications, format the data and send it to the corresponding services that will use the information in order to hire the applicants.


  • Extract personal information (First and last name, Date of birth, contact information)
  • Extract the applicant skills (what skills did the person list in their resume)
  • Extract the former and current education information as well as previous job experience
  • Write tests for the corresponding features and test the system


  • Python
  • Linux
  • Pytorch or Tensorflow

This internship is an excellent opportunity for an intern to gain experience in software testing and development, as well as to learn how to use Pytest and other testing tools to ensure the reliability of complex systems.


  • Problem-solving abilities: Strong analytical and critical thinking skills to tackle complex challenges and find innovative solutions.
  • Team player: Ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and communicate ideas clearly.
  • Time management: Excellent organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously.
  • Passion for entrepreneurship: An interest in the start-up ecosystem and a desire to contribute to its growth


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