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1-2 MoisHybrid

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The objective of this internship is to use Python testing frameworks and tools to test a complex set of API's. The intern will be responsible for writing automated tests using Pytest and ensuring that the API's are thoroughly tested and reliable.


The intern will be responsible for writing automated tests using Pytest to test the complex set of API's The intern will use code coverage tools to generate coverage reports and identify areas of the code that need further testing. The intern will work to find and test corner cases to ensure the API's can handle any input or scenario. The intern will report and troubleshoot any issues that arise during the testing process.

Technologies Pytest Python Linux Bash

This internship is an excellent opportunity for an intern to gain experience in software testing and development, as well as to learn how to use Pytest and other testing tools to ensure the reliability of complex systems.


Problem-solving abilities: Strong analytical and critical thinking skills to tackle complex challenges and find innovative solutions. Team player: Ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and communicate ideas clearly. Time management: Excellent organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously. Passion for entrepreneurship: An interest in the start-up ecosystem and a desire to contribute to its growth


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